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Thank you again to those who attended our community engagement events in Summer 2023. These events were an early opportunity for members of the community to understand Marshall’s intention to create a new urban quarter at Cambridge East and, importantly, for us to hear ideas from the community about what they would like to see the future development bring to the area.

Over 260 people participated in the engagement activities through attending a workshop or a public event, or completing the online survey.

Some of the key themes and ideas that were shared by community members at the events are summarised on this page. You can also download our more detailed report here.

Ambitious approach to
transport and mobility

Desire to see Cambridge East look at innovative transport solutions, with many noting the need for a more comprehensive and easier to use bus service serving the areas around the edges of the city.

Opportunity for a new
cultural district

Many participants wanted to see support and space provided for creative businesses and felt this could be a new creative district for Cambridge / the east of England. 

Sustainable development
and resiliency

Interest in designing for future needs, with a particular focus on the provision of a blue-network (water), shaded environments, and opportunities for food production.

District centre services to
complement the city centre

Thoughts that Cambridge East could play a part in reducing unnecessary travel by providing multiple social/ healthcare/education facilities, to create more accessible amenities for people living in east Cambridge.

Alternative approaches
to housing

Significant interest in seeing alternative housing options championed such as self build plots, co-operative housing, and multigenerational living.

Promote accessibility
and inclusivity

Importance of creating streets and spaces for older people, those with disabilities or mobility issues, and neurodivergent individuals who may experience places differently.

Benefits for the
east of Cambridge

Key community needs that were raised included social spaces (pubs, cafés, community centres), local services, such as banks, and support for independent businesses to help the immediate area.

Community involvement
in the green corridor

Along with a desire for natural environments, there was a specific interest in space within the green corridor that could be managed or maintained by the community long term, such as a community garden or areas for food production.

Marshall legacy
and innovation

Desire for an ambitious and innovative approach to the development. Many participants wanted to see Marshall push the boundaries when it comes to sustainability, transport, and housing.